Selected Publications of Translated Works

Ra Hee-duk. “Vanishing Palms” and “The First Half Moon.” Under review by Columbia University Press.

Yang Sung-woo. “Republic of Winter.” Under review by Columbia University Press.

Kim Myong-soo. “Shedding Mourning” and “Lunar Eclipse.” Under review by Columbia University Press.

Kim Myong-in. “Dongducheon 1” and “Fog.” Under review by Columbia University Press.

Yi Ho-ch’ŏl. “P’anmunjŏm.” Under review by Columbia University Press.

Kim Namch’ŏn. “Barley.”  Under review by Columbia University Press.

Kim Ji-ha. “Jiri Mountain.” All Things Healing ( September, 2012.

Koh Jung-hee. “For the Bruised Souls.” All Things Healing ( September, 2012.

Koh Jung-hee. “The Spring of Jiri Mountain.” Illuminations 28 (Summer 2012). [Collaborated with Anne Rashid)

Hwang Byeong-seung’s five poems–“Coming Out,” “Skoku, The Man Dressed as Woman,” “Her Face Is a Battlefield,” “Two Stillborn Hearts,” and “Fish Song.” Azalea: A Journal of Korean Literature and Culture 5 (2012). [Collaborated with Darcy Brandel]

Kim Kyung-ju’s five poems–“The Blooming Public Phone,” “Mother Still Wears Flowery Underwear,” “A Strange Tale,” “The Hole,” and “Chronicle.” Azalea: A Journal of Korean Literature and Culture 5 (2012). [Collaborated with Anne Rashid]

Kim Jun-tae. “Fire or Flower?,” “Sword and Soil,” “One Bean,” “Thrashing the Sesame,” and “Persimmon Flowers.” The Gwangju News (June 2012)

Poems about the Gwangju Uprising: Kim Nam-ju’s “Don’t Sing of May as a Blade of Grass that Withers in Wind,” Koh Jung-hee’s “The Rice Ball of Tears,” Kwak Je-gu’s “The May of My Heart” and “The South I Long for,” Lee Si-young’s “By an Unnamed Warrior’s Grave” and “By the Grave,” and Na Jong-young’s “Ah, May! Gwangju Is Not Over Yet.” The Gwangju News (May 2012)

Ra Hee-duk. “In the Island’s Sunlight,” “He Was in the Dark Cloud,” and “Renting a Room.” The Gwangju News (April 2012)

Choe Seung-ja. “I Remember,” From Early on, I,” and “Autumn like a Dog.” The Gwangju News (March 2012)

Chung Ho-seung. “Seonam Temple,” “To the Daffodil,” and “The Stars are Warm.” The Gwangju News (February 2012)

Moon Jung-hee. “Cold Rice,” “Love Song for the Hill of Limits,” and “A Winter Diary.” The Gwangju News (January 2012)

Jung Kut-byol.  “The Rust Tree Inside of Me,” “The Rust Tree by the Road,” and “Underneath the Rust Tree 2.” Women’s Studies Quarterly 39.3-4 (Fall/Winter 2011).

Kim Yong-taek. “Sumjin River: Part One,” “Sumjin River: Part Two,” and “Sumjin River: Part Three.” The Gwangju News (December 2011).

Kwak Je-gu. “A Letter from Gageo-do Island,” “Winter’s Dance,” and “Gingko Tree.” The Gwangju News (November 2011).

Shin Byong-eun. “A Letter from Odong-do,” “The Road to Yeosu,” and “The Long Quiet.” The Gwangju News (October 2011).

Song Su-Kwon. “The Cuckoo of Jiri Mountain,” “Leaning against the Temple Gate,” “Gazing at Mudeung Mountain.” The Gwangju News. (September 2011).

Koh Jung-hee. “Preface Poem,” “The Spring of Jiri Mountain: Part 1: A Letter Written at Snake Valley,” and  “Bound for the South.” The Gwangju News (August 2011).

Seo Jung-ju. “Gazing at MudeungMountain.” The Gwangju News (July 2011).

Moon Byung-ran. “Poverty.” The Gwangju News (July 2011).

Noh Hyang-rim. “Flowers Beyond Borders,” “Word 1,” “The Dead Sea,” “Aphae Isle 8,” and “The Floor.” The Gwangju News (June 2011).

Ko Un’s “If May Passes by Forgotten.” The Gwangju News (May 2011).

Jung Kut-byol’s “Spring Garlic,” “Legs Running,” and
“The Floating House, the Fragmented Family.” The Gwangju News (April 2011).

Kim Nam-ju’s “A Firefly,” “The Sunlight on the Prison Bars,” and “One Pebble.” The Gwangju News (March 2011).

Oh Sae-young. “Erasing Myself,” “The Snow Flower,” and “Like the Tree.” The Gwangju News (February 2011).

Ko Jung-hee. “For the Bruised Souls.” The Gwangju News (January 2011).

Kwak Je-gu. “At Sapyung Station.” The Gwangju News (January 2011).

Kim Hyun-seung. “Standing on the Mountain.” The Gwangju News (January 2011).

Jang Jung-il. “The Shampoo Fairy.” List, Books from Korea: A Quarterly Magazine for Publishers 10 (Winter 2010).

Yoon Zelim. “Snow Falls on the Subway” and “The Road to the SanaTemple.” List, Books from Korea: A Quarterly Magazine for Publishers 9 (Autumn 2010).

Moon Tae-joon’s five poems—“One Breath,” “Extreme Emptiness,” “Silent Word,” “Bare Foot,” and “At a River Village at Dusk.” Azalea: A Journal of Korean Literature and Culture 4 (January 2011).

Jung Kut-byol’s six poems–“My Life: a Birch Tree,” “The World’s Spine,” “The Benevolent Oak Tree,” “Rising Tide,” “Stubborn,” “When a Branch Crosses over the Wall” (to be published in the March 2011 issue of Sirena: Poetry, Art, and Criticism)

Kim Hye-sun’s six poems—“A Sand Woman,” “A Woman with Red Scissors,” “Onion,” “Water in Your Eyes,” “Red Sunset Glow,” and “The Himalayas Speak”—on The Korea Times, November 1, 2009.

Kim Hye-sun. “The Horizon” and “Flu.” Azalea: A Journal of Korean Literature and Culture 3 (December 2009).

Wi Son-hwan. “A Flock of Birds Transcribed,” “A Sandfish II,” and “Tamjin River 18.” New Writing from Korea 2 (October 2009).

Hwang In-suk. “Ran, My Former Cat,” “They Will Wake Up to Laughter,” and  “Above the Roofs.” New Writing from Korea 2 (October 2009).

Five North Korean Poems, Azalea: A Journal of Korean Literature and Culture 2 (December 2008) [Oh Youngjae’s “Oh, My Mother—Upon Hearing after 40 Years that My Mother Lives in the South; Oh Youngjae’s “Oh, My Mother—Her Voice”; Rhee Jongduk’s “If I Truly Meet My Mother Unexpectedly”; Rhee Jongduk’s “Dandelions”; Jun Byonggu’s “Falling Persimmons”]

Korean Translation of Jane Jeong Trenka’s The Language of Blood. Y-Gelli, 2005. [피의 언어]

English Translation of “A Woman Returning from Further Away” by Ku Hyo-seo
(Metamorphoses: A Journal of Literary Translation 13.1 [Spring 2005]: 224-247). [Introductory Essay, 224-227; Translation, 228-247]

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