Aphae Isle 8 by Noh Hyang-rim

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Hongdo Island in Shinan County, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Aphae Isle 8 by Noh Hyang-rim

People in Aphae Isle
cannot see the island.
Shading the sun,
I lift up my eyes,
the isle startles more than people—
this isle without ears.
It is as though they have gone to Van Gogh’s village–
the whistling sound
that children with horn-rimmed glasses make.
In the village of low-built houses
where the grasses standing in one line
dart around on their tiptoes,
every house’s ears are cut off,
and during all four seasons
the grasses open only one ear.
A person without longing
cannot see Aphae Isle;
she cannot listen to Aphae Isle.

압해도 8/ 노향림

압해도 사람들은
압해도를 보지 못하네.
이마받이을 하고
문득 눈을 들면
사람보다 더 놀란 압해도
귀가 없는 압해도
반 고호의 마을로 가는지
뿔테 안경의 아이들이 부는
휘파람 소리
일렬로 늘어선 풀들이
깨금발로 돌아다니고
집집의 지붕마다 귀가 잘려
사시사철 한쪽 귀로만 풀들이 피는
나지막한 마을
그리움이 없는 사람은
압해도를 보지 못하네.
압해도를 듣지 못하네.



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