Fingerprints of Wind: Odong-do by Shin Byong-eun

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Painted by Kim Seon-soo

Fingerprints of Wind: Odong-do by Shin Byong-eun

Wind pushes up wind.
Today I carefully and slowly open the sound of wind,
accompanying the forest’s white wind,
remnants of wind that have lingered for thousands of years.
The chastity she traded to throw her body like a falling petal into wind
has bloomed into a camellia and her tale has become wind.
Yes, in the fresh blood red camellia I can see the road.
A footstep becomes the heart, and the heart becomes a road.
All over the sky and the earth these flowers have bloomed,
and in the depth of every wind these flowers have bloomed.

바람의 지문–오동도/ 신병은

바람이 바람을 밀어올려요
몇 천 년을 맴돌아온 바람의 퇴적,
나는 오늘 숲속 하얀 바람과 동행하며
조심스럽게 천천히 바람 소리를 열어봅니다
꽃잎처럼 몸을 던진 정절이 동백으로 피었고
설화 속의 물길이 바람이 되었어요
동백꽃 빨간 선혈 속에 길이 보여요
발길이 마음 되고 마음이 길이 되는,
하늘에도 땅에도 온통 꽃이 피었어요
바람의 깊이마다 꽃이 피었어요

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