The Wine Barrel and the Country Road by Song Su-kwon

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Painted by Kim Seon-soo

The Wine Barrel and the Country Road by Song Su-kwon

The wine barrel jostles on the bike carrier.
The grass smell turns the spokes.
The spokes make the wine splash.
The gravel jumps up over the barrel
and falls on the grass field.
The country road drinks wine–
it wobbles.
The joy of the barrels that run to the tavern:
a barmaid stands outside.
The barrels jump down.
The road goes into her skirt and ends.

시골길 또는 술통 / 송수권

자전거 짐받이에서 술통들이 뛰고 있다
풀 비린내가 바퀴살을 돌린다
바퀴살이 술을 튀긴다
자갈들이 한 치씩 뛰어 술통을 넘는다
술통을 넘어 풀밭에 떨어진다
시골길이 술을 마신다
저 주막집까지 뛰는 술통들의 즐거움
주모가 나와 섰다
술통들이 뛰어내린다
길이 치마 속으로 들어가 죽는다

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