Doodling by Shin Dal-ja

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Painted by Kang Jang-won

Doodling by Shin Dal-ja

A poor drawing of a train and dizzy writings
occupy an old wall of my parents’ home–
a solitary room of my heart that couldn’t be kept down.
These crippled writings couldn’t stand up yet,
and the train that faded away never moved, even once.
It was so slow that my heart stood up
and hurried to Seoul. The torn wings of the doodles
once in a while flutter in my heart.
Beneath the fluttering faster than the pulse,
the rice seed of imagination burst fully.
Green spirit,
that was the epicenter of my art.

낙서/ 신달자

고향 집 낡은 벽
어지러운 글씨 본 적 없는 어설픈 기차 그림
어디에도 내려놓을 곳 없었던 내 마음의 외딴 방
앉은뱅이 글씨는 아직도 일어서지 못하고
흐릿하게 지워진 기차는 제대로 한번 움직이지 못했다
너무 느려 마음 먼저 일어나
서둘러 서울 와 버린 낙서의 찢긴 날개들
내 심장에서 가끔 퍼덕거린다
맥박 소리보다 더 빠른 퍼덕거림 밑에
상상의 볍씨 하나 오롯하게 터진다
푸른 정신
예술의 진원지가 거기였다

Shin Dal-ja (1943- ) was born in Geochang, Gyeongsangnam-do. She studied Korean literature at Sookmyung Women’s University. She taught creative writing at Pyongtaek University and Myungji College. Her poetry collections include Father’s Light, Passionate Love, The Long Talking Relationship, and Paper.  She also has written several collections of essays including The Poet’s Love, You Remember These Three Things, and At Forty,  I Learned the Baby-Steps of Life. Her literary awards include The Korea Literature Award, the Modern Buddhist Literature Award, and Youngrang Poetry Award.

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