Heavenly King Summit by Kim Young-jae

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Jiri Mountain, photography by Ha Sung-mok

Heavenly King Summit by Kim Young-jae

The ascent was far and long
but I stayed there only a moment–
the place that I used to see only from afar,
having never climbed;
the top of my life
that I wished to climb surely once.

Who would climb this rough mountain road on my behalf?
Breaking my two knees, I have rid myself of foolish ways.
The world lies silent below the mountain;
looking at it, oh, I break myself again.

천왕봉/ 김영재

오르는 길 멀고 길지만 머무를 시간 너무 짧구나
이제껏 오르지 못하고 멀리서만 바라본 곳
단 한번 꼭 오르고 싶었던
내 삶의 정수리

내 대신 누가 험한 산길 오르고 오르겠느냐
두 무릎 꺾이며 꺾이며 어리석었던 나를 버렸다
산아래 고요히 누운 세상
아! 그걸 보며 나를 또 꺾는다

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