The Winter Tree’s Shadow by Choi Don-sun

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid


Photography by Park Chang-soo

The Winter Tree’s Shadow by Choi Don-sun (1947- )

someone still appears to stay.
The site where the wind has driven away the sun,
the site where only the blackishly tanned scars of the sun remain,
the long-necked people, tired of waiting,
appear to sit around and quietly murmur,
for they still have something to talk about.
The longing of the leaves, which have been long forgotten,
appear to rustle there,
lying on the earth
like burnt capillaries.

겨울나무 그림자/최돈선

누가 아직도 남아있을 것만 같다
바람이 햇빛을 몰고 간 자리
햇빛의 상처만 거뭇거뭇 그을어 남은 자리
아직도 이야기할 무엇이 있기에
기다림에 지친, 목이 긴 사람들의 얼굴이 돌아앉아
조용조용 웅얼거리고 있을 것만 같다
타버린 실핏줄처럼
땅 위에 누운 채
왠지 거기 오래도록 잊혀진
나뭇잎의 그리움들이 흔들리고 있을 것만 같다

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