Autumn Poem by Kwak Je-gu

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Painted by Kang Jang-won

Autumn  Poem by Kwak Je-gu 

All afternoon
on a ferry
I rode along the river bank.
The arrowroot flowers you love dearly
were in full bloom on the verdant bank,
and the sky sank on the water’s surface like a wet dream.
The arrowroot flowers that landed on the water
took off their dresses abashedly
in the middle of the water.
The wind was blowing and driving,
and, amidst the fragrance billowing from heaven to earth,
my little ferry
at last lost its way.

가을의 시/ 곽재구

오후 내내
나룻배를 타고
강기슭을 따라 내려갔습니다
당신이 너무 좋아하는 칡꽃 송이들이
푸른 강기슭을 따라 한없이 피어 있었습니다
하늘이 젖은 꿈처럼 수면 위에 잠기고
수면 위에 내려온 칡꽃들이
수심 한가운데서
부끄러운 옷을 벗었습니다
바람이 불고
바람이 불어가고
지천으로 흩날리는 꽃향기 속에서
내 작은 나룻배는
그만 길을 잃고 맙니다


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