October by Moon In-soo

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid


October by Moon In-soo

The spot I picked up the pumpkin,
the pumpkin had sat, pressing down the ground.
The center of autumn
caved in.
For awhile, I will suffer this way.


호박 눌러 앉았던, 따 낸
가을의 한복판이 움푹
꺼져 있다.
한동안 저렇게 아프겠다.

출전: 시집, “동강의 높은 새” (세계사, 2000)

mooninsoophotoMoon In-soo (1945-) was born in Sungju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. He studied Korean literature at Dongkuk University in Seoul. He made his debut when he was forty two years old. He published such poetry collections as All the Roads In the World Lead To Home (1992), The Horn (1992), The Nesting Mountain (1999), Shhh! (2006), Umbilical Cord (2008) andThe Sound of Silence (2012). His prestigious literary awards include the Kim Dal-jin Literary Award (2000), the No Jak Literary Award (2003), and the Meedang Literary Award (2007).

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