The Snow Path by Chung Ho-seung

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Photography by Hwang Moon-sung

Photography by Hwang Moon-sung

The Snow Path by Chung Ho-seung (1950-)

I see someone’s footsteps
that have walked
on the all white snow path.
They belong to a bird.
Good heavens.


희디흰 눈길 위로
누가 걸어간
발자국이 보인다
새의 발자욱이다


Chung Ho-seung was born in 1950, in Hadong, Gyongsangnam-do. Since his debut in 1972 with a poem featured in the Korea Daily News, Chung has published many poetry collections, such asFrom Sorrow to HappinessJesus of Seoul, and Dawn Letter, which has achieved both critical acclaim and mass appeal. His minimal verse style interweaves the everday and the fantastic, proposing the possibility of lyrical revelation in even the most prosaic encounters.

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