An Ink Painting by Kim Jong-sam

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Painted by Jam San

An Ink Painting by Kim Jong-sam

The grandmother puts her hand
on the nape of the drinking cow’s neck.
To say, we have been through
another day together,
the backs of our feet are swollen,
and both of us are lonely.

묵화(墨畵)  /  김종삼

물먹는 소 목덜미에
할머니 손이 얹혀졌다.
이 하루도
함께 지났다고,
서로 발잔등이 부었다고,
서로 적막하다고,

2 thoughts on “An Ink Painting by Kim Jong-sam

  1. hi! would like to know if this poem was written based on the painting shown above?
    if so, I would then be able to use this poem-painting pair for a project. Thanks in advance!

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