Snow by Kim Jong-hae

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Photography by Kim Young-ran

Photography by Kim Young-ran

Snow by Kim Jong-hae (1941-)

Snowflakes are light,
for they carry each other on their backs.
The falling snow is comforting.
Watching the snowflakes rub their cheeks
upon one another’s backs is pleasing.
As the snow falls, I wish I could carry someone with me.

눈/김종해 (1941-)

눈은 가볍다
서로가 서로를 업고 있기 때문에
내리는 눈은 포근하다
서로의 잔등에 볼을 부비는
눈내리는 날은 즐겁다
눈 내리는 동안
나도 누군가를 업고 싶다