The Word of the Wind by Mah Jonggi

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Photography by Shawn Malone

Photography by Shawn Malone

The Word of the Wind by Mah Jonggi (1939-)

After all of us leave,
if my spirit passes by you,
don’t think even for a moment it is
the wind that sways the spring boughs.
Today I will plant a flower
on a corner of the shadow
where I got to know you;
when the flower grows to bloom,
all the distress that stemmed from our acquaintance
will turn into petals and fly away.

It will turn into petals and fly away.
Though it is unbearably distant
and futile,
how can we measure all the things in the world
with only a small ruler?
When every now and then you turn your ears toward where the wind blows,
my beloved, don’t forget even if you become tired
the word of the wind that comes from faraway.

바람의 말 /마종기

우리가 모두 떠난 뒤
내 영혼이 당신 옆을 스치면
설마라도 봄 나뭇가지 흔드는
바람이라고 생각지는 마.
나 오늘 그대 알았던
땅 그림자 한 모서리에
꽃나무 하나 심어 놓으려니
그 나무 자라서 꽃 피우면
우리가 알아서 얻은 모든 괴로움이
꽃잎 되어서 날아가 버릴 거야.

꽃잎 되어서 날아가 버린다.
참을 수 없게 아득하고
헛된 일이지만
어쩌면 세상 모든 일을
지척의 자로만 재고 살 건가.
가끔 바람 부는 쪽으로 귀 기울이면
착한 당신, 피곤해져도 잊지 마,
아득하게 멀리서 오는 바람의 말을.

A Dwelling by Moon In-soo

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid

Painted by Kang Jang-won

Painted by Kang Jang-won

A Dwelling by Moon In-soo

The wind has died down.  Ah, at last,
the empty air is the only thing one can lean on.


바람이 잔다. 아, 결국
기댈 데란 허공뿐이다.

출전: “그립다는 말의 긴 팔” (서정시학, 2012)

mooninsoophotoMoon In-soo (1945-) was born in Sungju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. He studied Korean literature at Dongkuk University in Seoul. He made his debut when he was forty two years old. He published such poetry collections as All the Roads In the World Lead To Home (1992), The Horn (1992), The Nesting Mountain (1999), Shhh! (2006), Umbilical Cord (2008) andThe Sound of Silence (2012). His prestigious literary awards include the Kim Dal-jin Literary Award (2000), the No Jak Literary Award (2003), and the Meedang Literary Award (2007).

Prologue by Yun Dong-ju

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Darcy Brandel

Photography by Choi Il-ryoung

Prologue by Yun Dong-ju

Until the day I die
I long to have no speck of shame
when I gaze up toward heaven,
so I have tormented myself,
even when the wind stirs the leaves.
With a heart that sings the stars,
I will love all dying things.
And I will walk the way
that has been given to me.

Tonight, again, the wind brushes the stars.

서시(序詩)/ 윤동주

죽는 날까지 하늘을 우러러
한 점 부끄럼이 없기를,
잎새에 이는 바람에도
나는 괴로워했다.
별을 노래하는 마음으로
모든 죽어 가는 것을 사랑해야지.
그리고 나한테 주어진 길을

오늘 밤에도 별이 바람에 스치운다.

“하늘과 바람과 별과 시” (정음사, 1948)

yundongjuphotoYun Dong-ju (1917 – 1945) was born in Longjing, Jiandao, in present-day northeastern China. He was known for lyric poetry as well as resistance poetry against Japanese colonialism.